We run courses for people who have a Learning Disability.

Some of the topics we cover are under the videos but we can do others.
If you come to all the 7 courses below this is currently FREE, other courses may cost you but please contact us to ask.  

My Body and Me

We look at different parts of the body,  what we use them for or what their job is. 

Self Care

In this session you will be in your own male or female groups. Each group will have different topics.
Males-Wet dreams, Masturbation, Testicular lumps and Hygiene
Females- Periods or Menopause, Breast lumps, Masturbation and Hygiene. 

My Emotions and Me

What emotions do we feel, how do we cope with them. We also look at how we can support other people who are feeling strong emotions. 

Relationships- What is important to me

What is really important to you in a relationship. WE look at what is healthy in a relationship and what is unhealthy. What things do we want from a relationship and what can we compromise on. 

Relationships different Types

We look at boundaries in different relationships like family, professional and love or lust. We learn how they are all different. We will also create your own timeline of what you think happens through a Love relationship.

Capacity and Consent

Consent is really important in a relationship. We look at what consent is and how to give and gain consent.  

Sexual Health

There are lots of people that can help you with sexual health. We talk about what services there are and how you can access them.We cover what you can do to stay healthy and how you use different resources like condoms or the pill. We will also explain what some STIs are like and what will happen if you go to a clinic for a sexual health check up.  
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